A nurse is reinforcing teaching with a client who has a new colostomy

67. The client who has undergone creation of a colostomy has a nursing diagnosis of Disturbed body image. The nurse would evaluate that the client is making the most significant progress toward identified goals if the client: Watches the nurse empty the colostomy bag; Looks at the ostomy site; Reads the ostomy product literature

A nurse is performing discharge teaching for a client who has seizures and a new prescription for phenytoin. Which of the following statements by the client indicates a need for further teaching?A. "I will notify my doctor before taking any other medications."B. "I have made an appointment to see my dentist next week."C. "I know that I cannot switch brands of this medication."D.
This will be achieved by educating D12 nurses using the three following new tools: Colostomy and Ileostomy Nursing Resource Binder, a Patient Milestone Checklist, and also the development and teaching of appropriate R.N. Postoperative Process for Ostomy Patients (Appendix H: Colostomy and Ileostomy Nursing Resource Binder, Appendix J:
1. In any case in which a certified nurse aide has been found by the Board of Nursing to have abused or neglected a patient or to have misappropriated patient property, such finding shall be placed in the records of the certified nurse aide registry. 2. Placement in the registry shall be accomplished within ten days of the final finding. 3.
Nurse must watch patient sign the document Nurse must reinforce information and forward any questions to the provider • Referrals - (3) o Coordinating Client Care: Providing Assistance for a Client Who Has a New Colostomy (Active Learning Template - Basic Concept, RM Leadership 7.0 Chp. 2)
134.A nurse is providing teaching for a client who has a new prescription for nifedipine. Which of the following foods should the nurse instruct the client to avoid? A. Milk B. Aged cheese C. Grapefruit juice D. Bananas. C. 135.A nurse is providing teaching to a client who has DM & an HbA1c of 8.7%.
The nurse who is teaching a client with a new colostomy about colostomy care and management is indirectly increasing the client's sense of which of the following? Power/control . Moral worth/virtue . Competence/mastery . Acceptance/worthiness
A colostomy is an operation that creates an opening for the colon, or large intestine, through the abdomen. A colostomy may be temporary or permanent. It is usually done after bowel surgery or injury. Most permanent colostomies are "end colostomies," while many temporary colostomies bring the side of the colon up to an opening in the abdomen.
A nurse is reinforcing discharge teaching with a client who has a new colostomy. Which of the following instructions should the nurse include in the teaching? Apply a skin barrier around the stoma when changing the ostomy bag.
The nurse has completed the client teaching about continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis (CAPD). The nurse determine that the client best understand the instructions given if the client states "I need to report to the hospital when changing the dialysate solution." "I will perform self-dialysis 24 hours a day." ...
Question 24: A nurse is teaching a client who has a new colostomy about nutrition. Which of the following client statements indicates an understanding of the teaching? I would chew gum to decrease gas formation I will eat a large evening meal I will try new foods one at a time I will drink 4 to 6 cups of fluid per day
A client who has a new colostomy and requires discharge teaching A nurse manager discovers there is a conflict between nurses working the day shift and nurses working on the night shift. Which of the following actions should the nurse manager take first?
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